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Nope, but there's hope!
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Sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time. As you all know, by now, Everwood was canceled by The CW.

But there are rumblings that ABCFamily and/or Hallmark may venture into a new season! Check out the "Project: Save Everwood board" at http://www.everwoodmusic.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=20
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The upfronts are in 6 days!
Will Everwood be on the fall schedule? Your guess is as good as mine. I hope it's on there, but no one will know anything until at LEAST Monday, which is when some information tends to leak out about renewals; and even then, not all renewals will be announced, most likely.

In the meantime, attack the USPS with mail to Dawn Ostroff and Les Moonves, telling the CW executives how great Everwood is and how much it deserves to be on the schedule. After Monday, there will be no time for mail, so send e-mails!


I'll look for Les Moonves's address, but I can't guarantee that I'll find it.
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Ideas to help
Besides writing letters, you can help out in the following ways:

1) Go to savemyshow.com, click on WB, click on Everwood, and vote to keep Everwood.
2) If you are writing letters, get some multi-colored, attention-getting envelopes like these, which can be found at Wal-Mart:
3) Go here to ask about Everwood DVD's, and you'll get a response that says  they are keeping track of your "specific" request for merchandise: http://www2.warnerbros.com/web/main/help/customer_service.jsp
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I was on IRC the other day, and I had an idea: I started a channel for this campaign! If no one uses it, that's fine; I just thought it might be fun. Perhaps we can get an Everwood trivia going.

Server: irc.irchighway.net (IRCHighway)
Channel: #EverwoodOnCW
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Praise for Everwood
The following quotes come from WB Message Board users. Each one highlights Everwood's importance to its fans.

Barrybgb: "Wow. Just wow. That's the best thing I have ever read on this subject. That was so well done and touched on everything that needed to be said. Now I feel like writing another letter myself!

On a side note, this is affecting people I know. I have some nieces who actually started crying when they heard the show may be over. My mother was beside herself as well. What you are doing, and your letter, is great."

Barrybgb: "
I've written to Dawn, sent e-mails, signed two petitions(and e-mailed it to some people), and I have posted things on the TV Tome board, made a blog, and even got a banner on my personal page. I'm doing all that I can."

Firefighter: "That is lots of work. Thank you for all of your effort on our behalf."

Firefighter: "
I have sent e-mail, letters, and today am sending two ketchup babies bottles to her with a note explaining them and asking her to watch episode 52 so she will understand."

Tos: "
Excellent, excellent letter...Very well put. Hopefully Dawn reads it and hears all the great things about this show that need to keep on being great on the new network."

CanadianFamily: "
Well, having followed this thread and several others, I am truly amazed at the time people will devote to micro-manage the composition of a letter. Having said that, it is well-written."

Jelly: "
This is a Serious time for Everwood: Get Behind the show and Support it to be a CW Show in 2006-07. Write to the WB while there's still time."

Detritus85: "
As a fellow Everwood fan I thank you for everything you're doing. Kudos!"

Detritus85: "Yes, Everwood is excellent. You better put it on the schedule Dawn!"

Detritus85: "It doesn't matter what shows I care for that are in that timeslot because those mean nothing to me when compared with Everwood!"

BazookaJoe: "Deaths, brushes with death, people coming out of the closet, big breakups, inevitable tension and angst between certain would-be and former couples, and who knows what else. The last three eps ought to be really intense though, after the big death and all. Those'll probably be some of the best episodes, maybe some of the best of Everwood."

Meister550: "My husband and I are 30-somethings and this is one show we absolutely look forward too (sic). I can't believe we have to wait until March! It's forcing me to watch other shows on Thursday nights. Yes, we have a life - Everwood is our escape from reality!"

Demovoter: "Everwood has the best plots, characterizations, music, etc. etc. of anything on TV today. (I'm older and have seen many shows come and go.) Last week my work hours changed to nights and I called in sick tonight so I wouldn't miss it!" Now that's devotion!

Afrostyhaze: "I seriously am upset with the WB for taking Everwood off for so long. I can understand for a few weeks, but its been forever...I can't wait for Everwood I love this show (sic)."

MicroJacksonXP: "You have so many shows out there with so much retarded vanity and petty problems about pretty wealthy white kids... this show really has alot (sic) of substance to it, so for the future of this genre please take a good look at Everwood. So kudos to Everwood for turning 'pretty white kids with petty problems' into something with more depth, substance and story to it."

Ash820: "I have been a huge fan of Everwood since the very first episode. This show has such great actors and writing. The fact that there is even a question that it will not be picked up by the new network the CW is crazy! This season has been better than ever with Hannah and Bright's relationship, Amy and Ephram's recent unrequited love, the hysterical Dr. Abbot and Dr. Brown and their families. This show has gone beyond the lines of great drama and it deserves to be in the lineup."

MissE: "This is truly the best show on WB. Great actors, great scriptwriting, real people and real feelings."

Smansoulmate: "I've only seen, maybe 7 episodes, and I'm already obsessed with this show!"

The article at the following link talks about Everwood's impact on the cast and has some fan comments about the show: http://blogs.ohio.com/beacon_tv/2006/02/waiting_on_.html
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Here's the latest cast picture!
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"Choose Me Back" is Online!
The following is a letter to be sent to Dawn Ostroff, President of The CW, that will try to explain our predicament and our obsession (it was written by the founder of this website in one of the many online attempts to keep The WB's Everwood on the air next season on the new CW network):

Ms. Ostroff,

I would like to start by congratulating you on your new position as head of The CW. I look forward to your creative input for many years to come.

However, as a fan of the “best-written, best-acted family drama” on any network (TV Guide), I am disappointed that Everwood is not publicized as a top contender for The CW’s schedule; in fact, it amazes me that it is not. For years, Everwood has been the "little show that could." Its ratings have exceeded expectations in both timeslots it has occupied. Seventh Heaven has never had a better lead-out, and it never will.

With a crew that strives to offer compelling drama, Everwood has delivered an emotional punch in nearly every episode. Touching on topics such as death of a loved one, abortion, depression, homosexuality, teen sex and pregnancy, and AIDS—to name only a few--Everwood has been the "little show" that could effectively influence the media's "socialization" function. In doing so, it has taught valuable lessons to its viewers, given them hope, and made them cry, laugh, and scream at the TV in surprise. It is no wonder the show can pull this off: it features amazing writers; spectacular directors; and outstanding actors, all of whom are extremely adept at tapping into the heart of their respective craft and producing a (literally) snowy world filled to the brim with emotion. Besides, it has the wonderfully talented Treat Williams. And, of course, Greg Berlanti is the mastermind behind it all.

With Everwood, you have a loyal audience of about 4 million viewers that will follow the show to the new network, if given the chance to do so. And who knows? Once installed in The CW’s programming, Everwood may very well attract the audience it has desperately sought—and greatly deserved—since 2002.

Doesn't all this sound slightly familiar? It seems Everwood is the WB equivalent to your baby, Veronica Mars. You wouldn't disappoint your Veronica fans, would you? Veronica Mars is your own "little show that could" and a fine one at that. Won't you preserve the symmetry? Won’t you do us WB fans a favor and give us our "little show" too?

Recent press releases have said that, for the most part, The WB's dramas will make up the schedule, with UPN pulling more weight on the comedy end. Considering the nine or ten hours said to be top contenders for CW, there is still a little room for Everwood, isn’t there? Beauty & the Geek could be the cream filling between Model cycles, which would leave even more time to be filled. So why not fill it with already-established programming choices such as Everwood? Some press releases support that there is room for Everwood, noting that The CW will not have to add a lot of new programming, though it will likely have some. This is true, is it not?

In losing Seventh Heaven for consideration, The CW loses a valuable asset, but Everwood can fix this dilemma; it is a more potent, more visually- and aurally-pleasing version of Seventh Heaven. Everwood has performed admirably in its four seasons; it has been nominated for 16 awards (2 of them Emmys), and it has won 2 of them. This spring, the show will hit yet another creative stride, as its characters deal with the death of a loved one and one young character struggles to tell everyone that he/she is gay. Keeping its young audience in mind, Everwood could be great on The CW.

I, as well as at least 4 million others, would be eternally in your debt if you could find a place for Everwood on The CW's fall schedule (or whatever name they decide to go with for the network). Please listen to Everwood's plea and the slogan for a growing campaign: "Choose Me Back!"

Enclosed, you will find Everwood’s magnificent first season for your viewing enjoyment. Perhaps it will help you make a decision that will benefit us all. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Roger W. Market and many others
(Sorcerer8605 on The WB’s boards)

P.S. Please take some time to visit the following web address, which features a comprehensive look at Everwood and its accomplishments:

For insight into the daily thoughts of Everwood fans, please visit the following: http://talk.thewb.com/viewforum.php?forum=26&32704

Maybe you’ll see what we see in Everwood.
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